None of us have a crystal ball. And it’s always to easier to look back in hindsight and say “If only I had done this….. or done that, things would be different.”

We make decisions in Life with all of the information we have to hand at any given time.

However, something that can be extremely helpful in the process, is to identify what your values are.

Our values are an expression of ‘who we are’.  They represent what is truly important to us.  They influence our beliefs, our thinking, our behaviour and the goals we set out to achieve in Life.

As a Career and Life Coach I regularly work with people who are not aligned with their values.

They talk to me about experiencing conflict, feeling empty and not being in the ‘right place’ although what the ‘right place’ is, eludes them.

To address this we look at the individual’s Personal Values and Career Values and this helps them to prioritise the values that are most important to them.  We look at how much time and focus, if any, is being spent on each of their priority values, we explore which values if under threat would really stress them, and last but not least, we identify which of their values will motivate them towards their aspirations and goals and towards a sense of fulfilment, and an unique sense of self.

Take the time to consider Your Values – they can act as your compass in Life when making important decisions