Do Organisations want their Managers or Leaders to be perfectionists? 

Initially one perceives perfectionism as doing a job/task really well, crossing all the t’s and dotting all the i’s, leaving no stone unturned whatsoever in the pursuit of “excellence” in the workplace.

However, we must also ask ourselves, what is the cost of Perfectionism?

Do we spend so much time on a project or task getting it ‘just right’, that other tasks are left by the wayside?  Are we using up all of our energy and time on tasks that are not high priority?

Are we holding on to work? Because … ‘someone else might not do as good a job’ as us? or ‘it would take too much time to show members of the team what to do’?

A key Leadership and Management responsibility is the willingness to delegate tasks to our teams.  Why?  Because we need time to ‘Manage’ the Team.

And… our teams need to be given the opportunity to learn, grow and progress within the organisation. Holding on to tasks and trying to complete them ourselves not only overburdens us with work, but it limits our team’s development and progression.

If we don’t provide our team with learning and development opportunities and challenges, they will stagnate, become de-motivated and potentially their performance and productivity will drop too.

Take the time to delegate tasks to your team.  Stop striving for perfection and allow your team to grow.  Be interested in their professional and personal development. Give them the opportunity to learn and progress in their careers.