Work/Life balance can be extremely difficult to achieve at any time but particularly when working from home. The pandemic has served to expose this.

Even though there are many advantages to working from home the gremlins of loneliness, isolation and distraction can often be felt lurking in the background threatening the fabric of our home life, our goals and our sense of well-being.

To Create a successful Work/Life Balance:

Define your start time for work

Remove/Reduce or Manage your distractions (i.e. have certain times in the day to look at and respond to new emails, whatsapps, text messages etc.)

Finish your work at close of business.  Close down your laptop.

Make sure to have a 1 hour lunch break.  Use this time for nutrition, to go for a walk, listen to music whatever you like to do …. but use this time to relax, unwind and appreciate all the other things that life has to offer.

Life is not all about work.  There is so much more … to be grateful for.

Be Clear about what else is important to you?:

Spending time with family or friends, nature, exercise, meditation, a craft or hobby.

Combat loneliness and isolation by checking in with your peers and/or Manager.  Build this into your day.  Communicate with others how you are feeling, encourage each other.  Know that you are not alone, others feel just like you do.

Have a clear set of Career and Personal Goals you want to work towards.  These are your Anchor.

Achieve these goals through creating a Task List for each day – be reasonable with what you can do, be realistic, be accountable.