“Until you change, the same old problems will keep turning up wearing different clothes.”

Richard Wilkins

Why do we expect a different result or outcome in life when we behave in a similar way on a daily basis? It’s like we think things are going to miraculously change just because we want them to.

If we think about it, it doesn’t make sense to look for a different result without making some kind of change to our thinking and behaviour.

It’s like trying to reach a healthy weight and have a nutritious diet without changing what we eat or how we eat. It’s futile!

Too often change is perceived as a negative force and we get stuck in our comfort zone. While we crave a different result or outcome, we seem to default to our existing habits which have become entrenched in our psyche.

Going forward ….. take ownership of your life – your decisions, behaviours and actions.

Start with the mindset and look at change as an opportunity to improve and to shape the life you want to live. An opportunity to achieve the results and outcomes you desire.

If the change feels overwhelming, break it down into bitesize chunks and look for support from trusted friends/family/peers/voluntary organizations and the like.

Examine what stops you? Look at how you will surmount the obstacle.

Take control and believe that you can do it.

What do you need to change today?