There are many things that prevent us from achieving our goals, not least our inability to stay focused on the goal, and to hold firm and persevere when the going gets tough.  They say that peoples’ level of success aligns with their level of perseverance and effort.

What helps us to persevere?  What motivates us to achieve a goal?

If the goal is meaningful to us, if it feeds into our sense of purpose and our desire to contribute to our team, our organisation or society as a whole, that will motivate us.  If we believe that achieving the goal will enrich our life or the lives of others, that too will spur us on.

I think our mindset also plays a role.  Please reflect upon the following questions:

Do you see obstacles and problems as challenges that can be surmounted and as opportunities to learn, innovate and explore different perspectives?  Or do you allow obstacles to give you permission to stay in your comfort zone and feel safe, yet unfulfilled …. secure – yet demotivated fearing change?

Remember your mindset can empower and enhance your potential, OR it can limit and constrain you.

What is your mindset?